Writer, Traveler, Advertising guy, Francophile, Wine Enthusiast, and Wannabe Twitter celeb.



Amsterdam, Oct. 2014.

I nurture a vagabond soul that refuses to settle and yet yearns to belong. I’ve always loved words and how they coalesce together to paint images even the most illustrious artists crave to create. I decided to pursue a career in advertising, so I get to play with words every day. I’ve lived on three continents and visited more than 23 countries. From the little traveling experience I’ve amassed, I know one thing- languages change, people’s skin colors change, cultures change, but the universal fabric of communication that brings people happiness stays intact.

I write about my travels and journeys, cultures and people, politics and lives, advertising and art, languages and emotions, my achievements and more importantly my failures.

Presently settled in New York, I’m always down for discussing and debating good and bad advertising, literature, women and minorities, films, writing, and The Good Wife. Follow me as I struggle through the ragtag bunch of experiences life throws at me. We might hit it off.


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